• On-time delivery or Pick up, loaded or self-load
  • Independent testing to guarantee consistency
  • An on-site wash plant
  • Mobile crusher for specialized custom aggregate needs

Salvador Ready Mix Concrete currently has two pit operations. We provide material for all types of building or landscaping projects. We can deliver to your site or you can come to our office and arrange to be loaded, or self-load your own material depending on the amount of material needed. All of our aggregates/ landscaping materials are independently tested as its being produced to maintain consistent results that meet specifications.

aggregate bc
  • 12.5 mm Round Rock Washed
  • 20 mm (3/4″) Minus
  • 20 mm Concrete Rock
  • 20 mm Drain Drock
  • 30 mm – 300 mm Natural Rock
  • 37 mm Round Rock (1 1/2″)
  • 40 mm Drain Rock
  • 50 mm (2″) Minus
  • Bedding Sand/Crusher Dust
  • Concrete Aggregate
  • 20 mm Drain Rock (For use with Radon gas)
  • Electrical Sand
  • Masonry Sand
  • Oversize Rock
  • Pit Run
  • Winter Sand (Salted) – as per the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure specifications

Frequently Asked Questions About Aggregate:

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What is the difference between bedding sand and other sands?
Bedding sand is a crushed product, concrete and masonry sands are a washed product. Electrical sand is natural unwashed fine sand.
What is the best gravel to use on a driveway?
¾” or 20mm crush is most common gravel used on driveways. Get a free gravel or concrete quote for your residential or business property
Can I pick up a load of gravel at the gravel pit?
Yes, we will load pick up trucks and utility trailers, or you can hand shovel.