Locking Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks BC


Salvador sells locking concrete blocks for a variety of purposes, mainly retaining walls and landscaping. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all blocks have a steel hook for easy loading. Visit Salvador’s centrally located Cranbrook office to purchase locking concrete blocks and we can load them onto your vehicle or assist you in arranging them to be delivered. Locking concrete  blocks range in weight from 2,050 kgs (4,500 lbs ) to 950 kgs (2100 lbs). Call or visit Salvador’s office for a complete list of prices.



Locking Concrete Block Options

  • Regular and flat top blocks | 5’x2’6”x2’6”
  • Bench Blocks | 5’x2’6”x2’6”
  • Transition Blocks (Regular or Flat top) | 5’x2’6”x2’6”
  • Half blocks (Regular or Flat top) | 2’6”x2’6”x2’6