General Use Concrete

  • ready-mix-concrete-bcbasement floors
  • concrete driveway
  • concrete footings
  • concrete pad
  • concrete steps
  • concrete walls
  • foundations
  • garage floors
  • locking concrete blocks
  • other types of concrete floors
  • outside slabs
  • sidewalk
  • sonotube concrete forms

Coloured concrete finishes for decorative effects in both interior and exterior applications can be easily achieved by a variety of methods. Exposed concrete uses carefully selected rock that is uniform in size but varies in colour. Stamped concrete offers a broad range of integral and surface-applied colour options that permits finishers to replicate the materials they mimic, for example brick, hard wood, or stone. We supply a wide range of colours that you can choose from or feel free to stop by our centrally located Cranbrook office to view our sample moulds.

Salvador supplies the following concrete additives:

  • accelerator
  • colour
  • delay
  • fiber reinforced concrete polypropylene or steel fiber
  • hydration control admixture
  • plasticizer
  • water proofing admixture